Thursday, 8 January 2015

New year, new me?

As my first ever blog post, and as it is the beginning of 2015, I thought I’d write about a few of my new years resolutions for this year!  

Just like every other person who makes new years resolutions, this year my primary goal is to live a healthier lifestyle! Currently 50% of my diet consists of cheese, and although I’d love to say that’s an exaggeration, I pretty much can (and will) put cheese on just about everything… So along with a few other diet changes, I mainly want to reduce the amount of cheese I eat, which I know sounds kind of stupid but I’m really hoping it’ll help my overall health! I also want to drink more water as currently I often can go an entire day without drinking any liquid whatsoever. So far this week I’ve been drinking much more water and I can already see a difference in my skin, which is encouraging!

My next resolution is another common one but it is to procrastinate less! I feel like this is really important this year for me as not only will I be doing my A-level exams in June but I also will be starting university in September! At the moment I spend all of my free time watching YouTube videos and pretty much nothing else so I want to start to be more productive whether that be doing more school work at home or just posting consistently on here!

Finally, my last resolution is to get a job! This coming summer, me and 6 friends are planning a month InterRailing trip throughout Europe and I really want to (and need to!) save some money for it. Also on top of this I’ll obviously be starting university after the summer and I think saving up as much money as I can will be really useful!

Thanks for reading my first ever blog post! If you want to know a little more about me feel free to read that here and if you have any suggestions for future blog posts please leave them in a comment down below!

Poppy x


  1. What a great first post :)
    I am the same as you for cheese and crisps ahhhhh. it's sooo bad . I am trying to be "healthier" also I did drink some water as well today so things are looking up haha. Great post. xox

    1. Thank you :))
      And yes, crisps are another one of my weaknesses too!! haha x

  2. Thanks for the follow on bloglovin. I have followed back. Fab post. You will love interailing if you get to go. My bf's sister did it 2 years ago and had an amazing time and visited about 9 or 10 different places. she stayed in a fancy teepee in one place! :)

    1. Thank you! Wow that sounds amazing! I'm really excited :D